PAWS to file raps vs Killua killer
PAWS to file raps vs Killua killer
PAWS to file raps vs Killua killer
by Ada Pelonia21 March 2024
Photo courtesy of Vina Rachelle/Facebook

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) will proceed with filing charges against the man who admittedly killed the golden retriever Killua.

In a statement on Wednesday, March 20, PAWS said the affidavits submitted by Killua’s owner, Vina Rachelle Arazas, would aid the organization in filing criminal charges against the dog’s killer, Anthony Solares.

“Because the pet owner and witnesses have submitted affidavits, PAWS will be able to file charges of violation of the Animal Welfare Act and ensure that the person responsible for this crime will be held accountable,” PAWS wrote, condemning Killua's brutal killing.

According to PAWS, Solares violated the Animal Welfare Act when he mauled a defenseless dog to death.

The organization also refuted Solares’ claims of self-defense, stating that the video evidence showed the man chasing the Killua with “none of the elements of self-defense” present.

“Further, there are humane ways of animal control. The City Veterinarian’s Office can be called in for this task. Clearly, there was no reason for Killua to be killed in this manner as he was not harming anyone,” it continued.

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