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Festival Queens greet media ahead 2023 Reyna ng Aliwan pageant night
Festival Queens greet media ahead 2023 Reyna ng Aliwan pageant night
Festival Queens greet media ahead 2023 Reyna ng Aliwan pageant night
by Daylight Abas10 July 2023
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As the much-awaited coronation night is nearly approaching to hail the newest Reyna ng Aliwan for Aliwan Fiesta 2023, the candidates were finally introduced through a media conference held on Monday, July 10, at Custom Space 1 and 2, Aliw Theater.

The 18 candidates showed off a glimpse of their introduction and ramp to the press as a teaser of their performances for the upcoming pageant night, bringing pride and honor to the festivals they represent.

During the press conference, the candidates were challenged to answer some of the questions from the media.

When asked about the festival they represent, the candidate for Anihan sa Ambling Festival, Polyanna Martina Manalo, stressed that the city of Magdalena is known as the "Little Hollywood of Laguna," as the majority of the movies in the Philippines were shot in the said city.


While Natalya Margaret Lindsay, who represents the Tagultol Fishing Festival, defined "tagultol" as the popular fishing methods used by Atimonanins, which are made up of a rectangular stone tied at the end of a long abaca string dipped in honey with calamansi thorns tied two feet above the stone to attract a fish.

Shane Pia, on the other hand, described the Himaya Festival as a thanksgiving celebration for progress and prosperity, for which the word "himaya" means "to praise God.

When talking about something interesting about their place, Kisha Honey Panis introduced the Sto. Niño Shrine represents the culture and history of Eastern Visayas and characterizes the Waray people as determined, goal-oriented, and God-fearing.

Tacloban representative for Sangyaw Festival Niña Athena Ariza shared the meaning behind the city being dubbed the home of the "happiest people in the world," which proved the resiliency and faith of the people after typhoon Yolanda devastated the city in 2013.

Taking pride in Quezon Province’s Pasayahan Festival, Patricia Marie Mendiola talked about colors and parades that represent joy despite the hardship the people face, highlighting the festival’s visual appeal as compared to the Mardi Gras of Brazil.

Mendiola added that their city, Lucena City, is derived from the word "lucis," which means "to stand as a light to represent the joy that the people give in everyone’s lives.

As the media asked the candidates about the relevance of Reyna ng Aliwan compared to other pageants, Melanie Grace Gillamac stated that the prestigious Aliwan Fiesta pageant is a representation of culture and the arts, and it brings out the most celebrated festivals in the Philippines.

As such, Ilocana beauty Kristine Billy Tabaday, who represents La Union’s Ayat Festival, said that one of the importance of gathering festivals is bringing all these as well as the heritage in one place to promote the beauty of the Philippines.

Tabaday’s fellow Ilocana candidate representing Panagbenga Festival, Deniece Allen Ayon, explained that commemorating festivals serve as a way to showcase to the public the tourism industry.

With the question regarding why they should be the next Reyna ng Aliwan, Mendiola confidently shared her experience of being crowned as tourism queen many times already, which will give her an advantage towards the crown.

She also stated her advocacy, as Reyna ng Aliwan, to highlight the beauty, the arts, and collaboration with national identity and economic integration.

Lindsay, on the other hand, shared the relevance of mental health in her advocacy and how to overcome it through hobbies and entertainment, aligning with Aliwan.

Meanwhile, exciting news has recently been announced for the Reyna ng Aliwan 2023: the voting site for the Netizens' Choice Award is officially open.

You may support your favorite candidate by visiting the official website of Aliwan Fiesta and registering your details to create an account.


Below are the candidates for the Reyna ng Aliwan 2023:

Erika Marie Sawma - Antipolo Maytime Festival

Deniece Allen Ayon - Panagbenga Flower Festival

Doreen Pagcu Ahuja - Dayang Dayang Festival

Kiara Liane Wellington - Sinulog Festival

Niña Athena Ariza - Sangyaw Festival

Mariela Bianca Acob - Tan-Ok Festival

Melanie Grace Gillamac - Palawod Festival

Mary Ann Dela Cruz - Halamanan Festival

Kisha Honey Panis - Pintados Festival

Ashley Misaki Francisco - Hamak Festival

Kristine Billy Tabaday - Ayat Festival

Natalya Margaret Lindsay - Tagultol Fishing Festival

Shane Pia - Himaya Festival

Polyanna Martina Manalo - Anihan sa Ambling Festival

Gheneza Marie Mendiola - Udyakan Festival

Patricia Marie Mendiola - Psayahan Festival

Jazminum Marciano - Kangga Festival

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