MARINA suspends sunken passenger boat's safety certificate
MARINA suspends sunken passenger boat's safety certificate
MARINA suspends sunken passenger boat's safety certificate
by Ellicia Del Mundo28 July 2023
Screengrab from Philippine Coast Guard video

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) on Friday suspended the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (PSSC) of Aya Express motorbanca after it sank off the waters of Brgy. Kand killed more than 20 passengers.

The incident transpired on Thursday afternoon and the search and rescue operation is still ongoing as of this writing.

"A ship safety certificate shall be suspended when the ship has been involved in sea incident that may put into question the integrity of the hull and its integral parts and other affected machineries and appliances," the order reads.

The PSSC of Aya Express is "suspended until further notice".


The agency noted that the safety certificate will be lifted "only upon favorable recommendation by MARINA Inspectors" and "evaluation of all available surrounding the suspension of safety certificate".

At about 2:50 PM, the boat experienced a strong wave brought by Typhoon Egay, causing panic among passengers, and prompting them to go in the port side of the vessel.

As of Friday, July 28, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) reported that at least 26 passengers perished and 40 others were rescued.

Of the 26 casualties, 14 individuals were already identified while 12 others are still being identified.

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