Here's how to join Aliwan Fiesta 2023 Photo Competition
Here's how to join Aliwan Fiesta 2023 Photo Competition
Here's how to join Aliwan Fiesta 2023 Photo Competition
by Mhillen Nicole Borja12 July 2023

As the much-anticipated Aliwan Fiesta, the grandest celebration of festivals in the Philippines, makes its return, so does its annual photo competition, ready to witness and immortalize the mesmerizing beauty of the colorful streets of Pasay City.

Calling all amateur and professional photographers! Aliwan Fiesta 2023 is now seeking your talent to capture the essence of this vibrant event.

Here are the essential guidelines that all participants must keep in mind to ensure fair and exciting competition:

Date and Timing:


Photographs must be taken on Saturday, July 15, during the street dance showdown, when the city streets come alive with a riot of colors and energy.

  • Photo Requirements:

All entries must be captured in full color, showcasing the vividness and liveliness of the festival. Photos should be printed in 8R size on high-quality photo paper, ensuring optimal visual impact.

  • Manipulation Guidelines:

Only minimal adjustments, such as basic cropping and color correction, are permitted. Major alterations, including manual retouching or painting over the main image, are strictly prohibited. The essence of the photograph must remain unaltered.

  • Photographer's Name:

It is important that the photographer's name does not appear anywhere on the photograph itself. Anonymity ensures an unbiased judging process.

  • Submission Process:

Each entry should be submitted together with a fully accomplished entry form, which will be available for download from the Aliwan Fiesta website or official Facebook page starting July 15.

Alongside the entry form, include a self-addressed stamped short brown envelope for correspondence purposes.

Entries can be submitted in person or sent via courier to Susan Arcega at the following address: Manila Broadcasting Company, Sotto Street, CCP Complex, Pasay.

The deadline for submission is at 3 pm on August 4, 2023.

  • Ownership and Usage Rights:

Winning entries will become the property of Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC), which will have the right to reproduce, print, publish, and exhibit the photographs for promotional purposes.

MBC will endeavor to acknowledge and credit the photographer whenever possible, honoring their contribution.

Non-winning entries will be promptly mailed back to their respective participants, ensuring the safe return of their submissions.

Now, let's talk about the exciting prizes that await the winners:

First Prize: P50,000

Second Prize: P25,000


Third Prize: P10,000

Are you ready to seize this opportunity and become a part of the Aliwan Fiesta legacy? Get your cameras ready, unleash your creativity, and capture the magic of this extraordinary event!

Below, you will find the official entry form for the Aliwan Fiesta 2023 photography competition:


Join us in celebrating the cultural richness and artistic talents of the Philippines through the Aliwan Fiesta 2023 photo competition. Let your lens be the storyteller that encapsulates the spirit and grandeur of this unforgettable extravaganza.

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