Teodoro slams Alvarez over call for a 'partisan agenda'
Teodoro slams Alvarez over call for a 'partisan agenda'
Teodoro slams Alvarez over call for a 'partisan agenda'
by Mary Antalan16 April 2024
Photo courtesy: DND

Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr. has contradicted the call of Davao del Norte Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez on the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to withdraw their support for the country's current excecutive chief.

In a press statement on Tuesday, Teodoro stressed that the AFP strongly supports President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s administration.

"The AFP is standing steadfast in upholding the Constitution under the leadership of the Commander in Chief President, under the leadership of Commander in Chief President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.," the statement read.

"Any attempt to sway them away from this duty or patronize them to support a partisan agenda is futile, particularly when this agenda devolves to a foreign interest contrary to our own national interests," it furthered.


On April 14, during a flag-raising peace rally led by former President Rodrigo Duterte in Tagum City, Alvarez called on the AFP and the Philippine National Police to withdaw support from Marcos to force him to step down.

In its part, the AFP, through Chief of Staff Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr., reiterated its loyalty to Marcos as a president.

"The President is our Commander-in-Chief. Whoever the President is, it is very clear that we will follow the chain of command. Susundan namin yung mga utos ng aming Commander-in-Chief," Brawner remarked.

Alvarez apologized and said he was just carried away by his emotions when he made the call.


The Department of Justice, however, had ordered an investigation to determine if Alvarez would be held criminally liable for sedition or be incited to rebellion due to his call.

"I have ordered an investigation into the statements of Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez to determine whether it has risen to the level of sedition, inciting sedition, or even rebellion," Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin 'Boying' Remulla told reporters.

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