PFACI says shrinkflation ‘legally impossible’
PFACI says shrinkflation ‘legally impossible’
PFACI says shrinkflation ‘legally impossible’
by Ada Pelonia23 January 2024

Philippine Chamber of Agriculture and Food Inc. (PCAFI) President Danilo Fausto on Tuesday, January 23, said shrinkflation or the process of commodities reducing in size or weight while their prices remain the same is “legally impossible.”

“Yung sinasabi mo na babawasan yung timbang baka legally hindi possible [...] Hindi mo pwedeng sabihin na kunyari 100 grams yung nasa package tapos 85 o 65 grams lang yung laman [dahil] pandadaya na yun,” Fausto told DZRH in an interview.

He proposed that manufacturers release basic commodities that vary in size for the consuming public to decide which suits their budget best.

“Ang suggestion diyan would be maglabas ka ng produkto na mas maliit, smaller sizes but you cannot avoid telling the truth,” Fausto said.

When asked if manufacturers would be shortchanging consumers by doing so, the PFACI president claimed that it would only be giving them choices.

“Bibigyan mo lang ng choices yung mga consumer if you want to buy yung bang affordable sa'yo. The manufacturers would come up would different sizes kung ano yung gusto nilang bilhin,” Fausto said.

“Yung shortchanging kasi kung ano yung laman medyo magmamahal din yung mas mura dahil yung packaging itself would now be costly rather than buying a bulk [...] yung binibili na ngayon ng consumer ay yung packaging hindi yung laman,” he added.

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