Senators stand united in rejecting People’s Initiative
Senators stand united in rejecting People’s Initiative
Senators stand united in rejecting People’s Initiative
by Ellicia Del Mundo24 January 2024
Screengrab from Senate live video

Senators stood united in thumbing down the People's Initiative (PI) to amend the Philippine 1987 Constitution.

Based on the manifesto issued on Tuesday, January 23, all 24 Senators said that while they respect the people's right to push for constitutional reforms, they have to thwart attempts to exploit the country's democratic processes.

"We respect and recognize the people as our sovereign, with the right to call for Constitutional amendments. We must, however, guard against any sinister and underhanded attempt to change the Constitution by exploiting our democratic process under the guise of a people's initiative,” they said.

The Senators pointed out that PI proposes only one change and it is to eliminate the upper chamber to easier amend the Consitution.


"If this PI prospers, further changes to the Constitution can be done with or without the Senate's approval, or worse, even absent all the Senators. Should Congress vote jointly in a constituent assembly, the Senate and its 24 members cannot cast any meaningful vote against the 316 members of the House of Representatives," they added.

Once PI succeeds, the lawmakers warned that there may be "no el" or no election scenario by 2025, or worse in 2028 and that foreigners may successfully take ownership of the country's land.

The Senators slammed the House of Representatives for having "a dispensable and diluted role in Chater Change."

"Today, the Senate once again stands as a bastion of democracy, as it rejects the brazen attempt to violate the Constitution, the country, and our people," they ended.


Last January 16, Senate President Juan Miguel 'Migz' Zubiri, Senate President Pro-Tempore Loren Legarda, and Senator Sonny Angara, filed a Resolution of Both Houses No. 6 seeking to amend certain economic provisions under the Constitution.

However, Senator Joel Villanueva told reporters that "a lot of Senators are not interested anymore" in pushing for the aforementioned resolution.

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