PCG spox 'disheartened' by doubts in agency's capabilities to protect WPS
PCG spox 'disheartened' by doubts in agency's capabilities to protect WPS
PCG spox 'disheartened' by doubts in agency's capabilities to protect WPS
by Ellicia Del Mundo15 September 2023
Photo courtesy: PCG Facebook page

Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) spokesperson for the West Philippines Sea (WPS) Jay Tarriela on Thursday said he was disheartened by the doubts casted into the agency’s capabilities to protect the WPS independently.

“It is disheartening to hear doubts cast on our capabilities to carry out this duty without the support of other external actors,” he said in a statement.

Tariela said President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. had previously said that the country would work with other nationals to “establish a rules-based international order.”

“The disputes in the South China Sea should not be framed solely as a competition between powerful nations, as this denies us our independence and disregards our legitimate interests,” he underscored.


The PCG Spokesperson for WPS said he “wholeheartedly stand” by the Commandant and the 30,000 courageous PCG men and women “who are dedicated to fulfilling our patriotic duty” in the WPS.

“We will continue to serve and protect our Exclusive Economic Zone, irrespective of any external assistance,” he furthered.

It can be recalled that during the public hearing of the Senate Committee on National Defense, Senator Robinhood 'Robin' Padilla raised that a United States aircraft was present during the third resupply mission of the PCG on Friday, September 8.


A PCG official confirmed the presence of US aircraft and said this was coordinated with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Padilla then questioned the PCG's capability in protecting the country's territorial waters.

"Hindi po ba dapat kayo ang nag pa-patrol doon? Para niyo bang inaamin na hindi niyo kaya pangalagaan ang ating dagat at kailangan natin ng US navy doon paikot-ikot?" he said.

"Kinaya nga natin na walang 'Kano' eh, six years. Bakit may 'Kano' ngayon? Inaanim ba natin na kailangan na natin ng Amerikan diyan? Eto na ba tayo, kasama na natin sila?" the Senator added.


The PCG, on the other hand, stood that it could defend the Philippine Sea alone.

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