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PBBM gifts Sandro Marcos 'sex book' on his 30th birthday
PBBM gifts Sandro Marcos 'sex book' on his 30th birthday
PBBM gifts Sandro Marcos 'sex book' on his 30th birthday
by Christhel Cuazon11 March 2024
Photo screenshot from Bongbong Marcos Facebook page

resident Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has gifted his eldest son, Ilocos Norte Rep. Ferdinand Alexander 'Sandro' Marcos, a sex book for his 30th birthday last March 7.

In his vlog posted on Facebook, the President together with First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos sat down to give advice and discuss the gifts they got for the younger Marcos.

President Marcos gifted Sandro a sex book titled "Sex for Lazy People: 50 Effortless Positions So You Can Do It Without Overdoing It."

"I have my own present for you. Because you are practically a senior citi-son, I found you this guide, 'Sex for Lazy People.' It is in the mail. Read it well. It will help you. Happy birthday, Sandro," he said.


Written by Ginny Hogan, a writer and stand-up comic from New York City, the book "Sex for Lazy People" contains 50 positions and a blend of humor and practical advice,. It also offers tips and tricks for maintaining laziness during sexual activities.

The President also advised his son and others who are also turning 30 years old to 'learn to slow down when you must.'

''Listen to your body. Don't burn the candle at both ends too much,'' Marcos said.


For her part, the First Lady gave her son the book “Be More Taylor: Fearless Advice on Following Your Dreams and Finding Your Voice.”

She also advised her son to always give importance to family values and say sorry all the time.

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