Olivia Rodrigo concerts prohibited from giving contraceptives
Olivia Rodrigo concerts prohibited from giving contraceptives
Olivia Rodrigo concerts prohibited from giving contraceptives
by Ada Pelonia18 March 2024
Photo courtesy of @oliviarodrigo/Instagram

Morning-after pills and condoms would not be distributed at Olivia Rodrigo’s concert anymore, according to an international outlet.

This came after reports of the singer’s concerts distributing free contraceptives gained attention online.

Abortion organizations told Variety they were prohibited from giving free Plan B pills and other reproductive health resources at Olivia’s “GUTS” concerts.

The directive, Variety said, came from Rodrigo’s team after the National Network of Abortion Funds said her team “preferred they no longer pass out lubrication, condoms, and Plan B because children are present at the concerts.”

“The reality is that youth have sex, and youth need access to birth control and emergency contraception,” DC Abortion Fund communications manager Jade Hurley told Variety.

“What we’re doing is completely legal in all 50 states,” Hurley maintained.

Meanwhile, Right by You founder Stephanie Kraft Sheley told Variety that they would not let children grab the contraceptives on the table since they were not for children.

“Our position is that it does not hurt a young person to see us out in the community doing that work,” Sheley said.

“It was very normal to see a younger child walk up with curiosity with their parent and have the parent explain to them what’s on the table and why we’re here. We’re not having children walk up and grab things off the table that aren’t for children,” she added.

Rodrigo earlier launched the Fund 4 Good campaign jointly with the GUTS world tour, a global initiative that protects women’s reproductive health freedom.

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