Oil prices to go up on Tuesday, Oct. 24
Oil prices to go up on Tuesday, Oct. 24
Oil prices to go up on Tuesday, Oct. 24
by Ellicia Del Mundo23 October 2023
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After a series of rollbacks in the past weeks, oil firms are set to implement an oil price hike this Tuesday, Oct. 24.

In a fuel price advisory posted on Monday, Oct. 23, Cleanfuel announced that its gasoline and diesel prices will increase by ₱0.95 per liter and ₱1.30 per liter, respectively.

The price adjustment will take effect at exactly 4:01 PM.

"Make sure to fill up your tanks at your nearest #Cleanfuel station to experience #QualityFuelForLess," Cleanfuel advised its customers.


In separate advisories, Sea Oil, Caltex Philippines, and Shell Pilipinas said they would increase the prices per liter of gasoline to ₱0.95, diesel to ₱1.30, and kerosene to ₱1.25.

Alongside, Petro Gazz issued a price adjustment informing its customers that they will enforce ₱0.95 per liter increase in gasoline and ₱1.30 per liter in diesel.


Photo courtesy: Petro Gazz

Meanwhile, PTT Philippines Corp. announced that its blue gasoline 97+, 95+, and 93+ will increase by ₱0.95 per liter while its blue diesel by ₱1.30 per liter.

The new oil prices will take effect at 6 AM.


Last Oct. 10, oil firms implemented a big-time rollback, with gasoline declining by ₱3.05 per liter, diesel by ₱2.45 per liter, and kerosene by ₱3.00 per liter.

According to the energy department's oil monitoring, the aforementioned "price adjustments resulted in a year-to-date net increase of ₱12.25/liter for gasoline, ₱11.35/liter diesel, and ₱5.94/liter for kerosene."

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