Mayon Volcano emits nearly 3,000 sulfur dioxide — Phivolcs
Mayon Volcano emits nearly 3,000 sulfur dioxide — Phivolcs
Mayon Volcano emits nearly 3,000 sulfur dioxide — Phivolcs
by Ellicia Del Mundo16 July 2023

Mayon Volcano in Albay province has emitted nearly 3,00 tonnes of sulfur dioxide, the state seismologist said on Sunday, July 16.

In its latest bulletin, Phivolcs said the sulfur dioxide reached 2,989 tonnes since July 15, slightly higher than the 2,132 tonnes recorded prior.

Alongside this, the restive Mayon Volcano had a total of 270 rockfall events, 9 volcanic earthquakes, and 9 dome-collapse pyroclastic density currents (PDC).

The country's active volcano also continues to produce lava at a very slow rate.


The lava, according to Phivolcs, remained 2,800 kilometers along Mi-si Gully and 1,400 kilometers along Bonga Gully.

Meanwhile, the collapse debris deposited 4,000 meters along the Basud channel.

"Short-term observations from EDM and electronic tiltmeter monitoring show the upper slopes to be inflating since February 2023. Longer-term ground deformation parameters based on EDM, precise leveling, continuous GPS, and electronic tilt monitoring indicate that Mayon is still inflated, especially on the northwest and southeast," the state seismologist said.

Alert Level 3 status prevailed over Mayon Volcano, indicating that eruption may happen within days or weeks.


Phivolcs reiterated that entry into the six-kilometer radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) is still prohibited.

It cautioned the public to remain vigilant as heavy rainfall "could generate channel-confined lahars and sediment-laden streamflows in channels where PDC deposits were emplaced."

Mayon Volcano had been exhibiting a high level of unrest since June.

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