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Manila ready to implement single ticketing system on May 2
Manila ready to implement single ticketing system on May 2
Manila ready to implement single ticketing system on May 2
by Daylight Abas27 April 2023
Photo courtesy: Manila PIO

The City of Manila is now all set for the full implementation of the single ticketing system on May 2, according to Mayor Honey Lacuna.

Lacuna instructed Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) head Zenaida Viaje to make sure that the person was already familiar with the said system.

She added that the city council enacted an important ordinance that will apply standardized fines to the identified common traffic violations and another ordinance for traffic-related offenses that are not mentioned in the traffic code.

Since the city already has an existing system for the project, Manila is one of seven cities that will pilot-test the new method.


The Metro Manila Traffic Code of 2023 established a system of interconnectivity among government instrumentalities involved in transport and traffic management in the metropolis, with harmonized fines and penalties.

As stated in Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Resolution No. 23-02, the single ticketing system will unify existing national and local traffic rules in order to promote effective transportation and traffic management in the metropolis.

Lacuna added that the new system is also intended to help handle other procedures such as apprehension, payment of penalties, the redemption of licenses and plates, and uncoordinated application of traffic regulations, which results in confusion among drivers, loss of money, and productive hours.

She further stated that the single ticketing system makes it easier for captured motorists to pay for their traffic-related infractions, regardless of where they were caught and issued citations.

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