Hori7on meets 'Anchors' during heartwarming fan meeting
Hori7on meets 'Anchors' during heartwarming fan meeting
Hori7on meets 'Anchors' during heartwarming fan meeting
by Ellicia Del Mundo24 April 2023
Photo: Ellicia Del Mundo

Before fully expanding their horizons to South Korea, Global Pop Boy Group Hori7on met with their Filipino fans during their heartwarming "Hundred Days Miracle" fan meeting held at New Frontier Theater in Quezon City on Saturday, April 22.

The venue of the sold-out and jam packed event was filled with wild and deafening screams and cheers as Marcus, Kyler, Jeromy, Kim, Winston, Vinci, and Reyster opened the stage with "Take my hand", the popular theme song of ABS-CBN's Reality Talent Search and Survival Show titled "Dream Maker".

The seven boys also showed live vocal and dance performances of their pre-debut single "Dash" and other "Dream Maker" songs such as "Lovey Dovey" and "Tiger".


Following their heart-fluttering performances, the members played fun games like the Whispher Challenge wherein their communication with one another was tested, and the Drawing Challenge which challenged their creativity.

Of course, the losing team did not go home unpunished as they were forced to do aegyo or show cute poses.

Hori7on also did the much-anticipated random K-pop play dance challenge. The members enthusiastically danced to several hit songs of K-pop boy groups such as Seventeen's "Very Nice", Enhypen's "Fever", XG's "Shooting Star", Seventeen BSS's "Fighting", and EXO's "Growl".


As a way to reciprocate the overwhelming love and support they receive from the fans, the rising heartthrobs gifted them two special gifts they will surely remember.

Hori7on unveiled that the fandom will be officially called "Anchor".

According to the group's leader Vinci, fans are their anchor that keeps them "on the ground."


Each member also did a "Dash" dance challenge with seven lucky fans who were chosen randomly.

Marcus, Kyler, Jeromy, Kim, Winston, Vinci, and Reyster also expressed their appreciation for Anchors in their parting messages.

The group's Maknae Marcus told the fans that they were the ones who gave him motivation during the times he was feeling down and exhausted.


"Seeing you guys, everyone cheered for our performance. Everyone sharing laughs together and we're all just genuinely having a great time together. That really meant a whole world to us," he added.

Hori7on's leader Vinci, meanwhile, said it was an honor for them to perform in front of Anchors.

"We're so blessed to have talents na ipapakita sa inyo at we're so happy na na-appreciate ninyo sa pag-stream ng music videos namin. Araw-araw niyo talaga kami napapasaya," he said.

The color-haired twins Kim and Jeromy both extended their heartfelt gratitude to the fans for their unwavering support.


Meanwhile, Wintson, Reyster, and Kyle asked Anchors to continue to support them as they would embark on a new journey in South Korea.

The group emotionally closed the "Hundred Days Miracle" fan meeting with their latest track "Salamat".

A week from now, Hori7on will be flying to Seoul, South Korea to train for 100 days. The group will document their training journey through their first-ever variety show titled "100 Days Miracle".


Hori7on will debut this June under the Korean music label MLD Entertainment, the home of K-pop girl groups MOMOLAND and Lapillus as well as boy groups TFN, NARIN, and CocoNButter.

The members of the Global Pop group were formed in ABS-CBN's "Dream Maker" in partnership with MLD Entertainment and Kamp Korea where 62 idol-aspirants competed.

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