HORI7ON gets nominated for 1st place in 'The Show,' paves new way for world pop
HORI7ON gets nominated for 1st place in 'The Show,' paves new way for world pop
HORI7ON gets nominated for 1st place in 'The Show,' paves new way for world pop
by Daylight Abas02 August 2023
Photo courtesy: MLD Entertainment

After nine days of their global stage debut in South Korea with their title song "SIX7EEN", HORI7ON has achieved a great milestone in their music career as the group was nominated for first-place in "The Show", one of South Korea’s renowned music shows.

The group was nominated alongside Korean boygroup Mirae and girl group Oh My Girl.

With such, it only means that HORI7ON showcased an unstoppable global rise to enter the top three scene in the mentioned music show, which a lot of K-pop groups have set foot in, from the second to the fourth generation.

Recently, the group released their debut full-length album "Friend-SHIP" and is now actively promoting their title song "SIX7EEN" in music show programs, such as The Show Choice, MCountdown, Arirang K-pop, Music Bank, and Show! MusicCore and Inkigayo.

HORI7ON has proven the success of their debut after they were formed in Kor-PHIL collaborative audition program "Dream Maker,"

HORI7ON has demonstrated their explosive popularity by topping the ranks of the iTunes list in the Philippines, much as "SIX7EEN" transmits the confident determination of a teenager.

The global rookie group has been trending on the Philippines' Twitter trending list every time they have performed in various music programs, demonstrating their tremendous jump as a Globe Pop group.

Not only that, but on the same day that HORI7ON launched their "Friend-SHIP" album, they ranked first in the iTunes album chart in the Philippines, New Zealand, and the Arab Emirates.

The following day on July 25th, they rated first in the same category in Spain, Qatar, and Poland, demonstrating the good synergy of K-POP and P-POP teamwork.

"Friend-SHIP" by HORI7ON is a massive album with 21 tracks in which listeners can clearly feel the musical hues of the seven members.

HORI7ON has been frantically fleeing from "Dream Maker" to their official debut.

With their dreams, hope, and friendship, they are together with their Anchors, the official fan club's name.

HORI7ON's Korean and worldwide promotions continue as they pave the path for world pop.

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