NWRB assures 2 months uninterrupted water supply from Angat Dam
NWRB assures 2 months uninterrupted water supply from Angat Dam
NWRB assures 2 months uninterrupted water supply from Angat Dam
by Mary Antalan07 August 2023
Photo Courtesy: MWSS website

The National Water Resources Board (NWRB) assured that the water supply in Metro Manila will never be interrupted for two months as the water level of Angat Dam has reached 199.69 meters.

In a radio interview, NWRB Executive Director Sevillo David Jr. said that the current water level of Angat Dam can last for 60 days before it returns below its normal operating level of 180 meters if rains do not come to replenish the reservoir.

As of 6 a.m. on Sunday, the water level of Angat Dam increased by 0.36 meters from the previous level of 199.33 meters.

David said while Typhoon Egay and the Southwest Monsoon produced floods in many areas of the country, the dams were able to replenish, with the Angat Dam increasing by more than 20 meters since the second week of July.


He noted that the NWRB believes that the water level at Angat Dam will improve further and reach its typical high operating level of 210 meters to 212 meters, ensuring a sufficient supply of water for Metro Manila and irrigation systems until next year and next summer.

"We want that the July level will not happen again. The rains brought by the monsoon rains are equivalent to our two months’ supply for Metro Manila. We are confident that the rains will continue to be experienced in the watersheds of Angat Dam to be able to sustain the present level until we reach 210 meters," David added.

Meanwhile, the NWRB Executive Director urged the public to conserve water amid the threat of El Niño.

"We need to be responsible in our consumption of water, especially because it is expected that El Niño will affect us. It is better for us to have enough water stored in our dams. It is better not to waste water when using it," he said.

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