Traditional Filipino games to highlight in 63rd Palarong Pambansa
Traditional Filipino games to highlight in 63rd Palarong Pambansa
Traditional Filipino games to highlight in 63rd Palarong Pambansa
by Mhillen Nicole Borja30 July 2023
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In an effort to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage and sports of the Philippines, the 63rd Palarong Pambansa will showcase the "Larong Pinoy" or Indigenous Filipino Games, captivating audiences with games like kadang-kadang, tumbang preso, and patintero, as announced by Mayor Marcy Teodoro.

Teodoro emphasized the significance of preserving culture and sports during the opening of the "Larong Pinoy" exhibition games at the Marikina Sports Center Gymnasium.

“It is very important to preserve our culture and sports,” said the mayor.

Collaborating with Department of Education (DepEd) Assistant Secretary for Operations Francis Cesar Bringas, he underscored the role culture plays in shaping a community's identity and heritage, fostering understanding of ancestral roots, customs, and values, ultimately contributing to a sense of belonging and continuity.


“A community’s identity and heritage are defined by its culture. Its preservation helps future generations in understanding their ancestors’ roots, customs, and values, providing a sense of belonging and continuity. Culture and sports preservation benefit the society, build communities, and contribute to a more peaceful and united country,” he added.

For the "Palarong Pinoy," all 17 regions were directed, per the Department of Education (DepEd) Memorandum No. 35, s. 2023, to send a delegation of 10 members each to participate in the event.

The 63rd Palarong Pambansa also featured exhibition sports such as cheerdance, weightlifting, and obstacle course, showcasing a diverse range of physical activities.

"Larong Pinoy" encompasses a collection of traditional Filipino games and activities that have been handed down through generations, embodying the cultural essence of the country.


This celebration of "Larong Pinoy" originated during the 62nd Palarong Pambansa in 2019, held in Davao, where DepEd officials and staff enthusiastically took part in various traditional games, including Kadang-kadang, Patintero, Hilahang-lubid, and Karera ng Sako.

The event has since become a symbol of preserving and propagating the Philippines' unique cultural and sports heritage.

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