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'Abangan natin' Cayetano anticipates Marcos' concrete plan vs. agri-smugglers
'Abangan natin' Cayetano anticipates Marcos' concrete plan vs. agri-smugglers
'Abangan natin' Cayetano anticipates Marcos' concrete plan vs. agri-smugglers
by Mhillen Nicole Borja26 July 2023
Photo courtesy: Senate of the Philippines

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano shared his eager anticipation for the government's concrete action plan against agriculture smugglers in the upcoming weeks following President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s State of the Nation Address (SONA).

"N'ung sinabing, 'Bilang na ang araw niyo,' what does that mean? Abangan natin," Cayetano said in a media interview.

With a watchful eye on the future, the Senator emphasized the significance of apprehending these smugglers and hoarders, as it could have a positive impact on supply and prices in the agricultural sector.

"May kasunod y'on na dapat natin i-expect, 'di ba? So bibilangin ko talaga ang araw. Hopefully [apprehending the smugglers and hoarders] will help the supply and the prices," he added.


Acknowledging the President's sense of urgency in addressing the issue, Cayetano recognized the prevailing concerns of the Filipino populace.

He commended the administration for identifying the problems and seeking solutions with a profound understanding of the complexities involved.

When questioned about his overall satisfaction with the administration's direction based on the SONA, Cayetano expressed his hope for a more detailed plan to tackle the country's inflationary challenges.

"In-expect ko naman na hindi masasabi lahat in one hour and twenty minutes. Mahirap maging satisfied ngayon kasi marami talagang gutom, marami talagang nawalan ng trabaho, maraming negosyo ang nagsarang hindi na magbubukas," said the Senator.


While he understood the time constraints of the speech, Cayetano emphasized the crucial link between job opportunities, wages, and the cost of living.

He said that lifting the nation's economic well-being necessitates addressing these interconnected aspects effectively.

Furthermore, Cayetano highlighted the need for a well-crafted plan to manage inflation, considering the global circumstances that may be beyond the President's control.

He urged the administration to present a comprehensive blueprint with technical details and a ready-to-implement bill to enable prompt and effective action.


During his SONA, Marcos issued a stern warning against agriculture smugglers, hoarders, and those who manipulate prices of agri-products, saying that their days are now numbered.

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