"Time is now my enemy" Kris Aquino diagnosed with rare disease, says goodbye to fans for now
"Time is now my enemy" Kris Aquino diagnosed with rare disease, says goodbye to fans for now
"Time is now my enemy" Kris Aquino diagnosed with rare disease, says goodbye to fans for now
by Christhel Cuazon04 June 2022

Kris Aquino has given an update on her current health condition, bidding goodbye to fans “for now and the next few years.”

In an Instagram post on Friday, Aquino — who is set to fly to Houston in the United States for treatment — revealed that she has been recently diagnosed with eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA), a rare and life-threatening disease, in April.

According to the American Lung Association, EGPA is “an ultra-rare disease” where there is inflammation of the blood vessels resulting in the restriction of blood flow, causing organ damage in the body if left untreated.

"I’ll miss you- my friends & followers very much. Time is now my enemy, naghahabol kami hoping na wala pang permanent damage to the blood vessels leading to my heart," she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.


"For now and the next few years – sadly, it’s goodbye. Praying na kayanin ng katawan ko itong matinding pagsubok," she added.

According to the note she posted, the EGPA explained her adult-onset asthma, weight loss, gastrointestinal intolerances, and fluctuating blood pressure, which prevented her from traveling.

The post added that Kris received steroids for treatment, but she had severe reactions to the drug and she was allergic to several medications.

It was then decided for her to undergo treatment with Nucala (Mepolizumab), a non-steroid EGPA treatment that was available only in the US, and possibly another drug called Rituxan (Rituximab).


“The subsequent 9-12 months will be crucial for us to see if she can achieve remission and continue the regimen further,” said the note.

It also said that with no medical intervention, life expectancy of those with EGPA was at about 25%, while with proper treatment, 5-year survival rate is at 62%.

“Only one in every one million get this form of vasculitis per year. That is how rare and hard to treat Ms Aquino’s case is,” it said.

According to Kris, the doctor also said it would take 18-24 months to know if her treatments worked.


Kris, 51, has been in declining health since March, when she disclosed that she was diagnosed with erosive gastritis and gastric ulcer.

The actress has been undergoing medical tests and treatments since 2018, when she revealed that she had an autoimmune disease.

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