"This will destroy our economy" says Sen. Villar in FPRRD-PBBM clash
"This will destroy our economy" says Sen. Villar in FPRRD-PBBM clash
"This will destroy our economy" says Sen. Villar in FPRRD-PBBM clash
by Mary Antalan02 February 2024

The clash between former President Rodrigo Duterte (FPRRD) and his successor, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., will only destroy the economy, Senator Cynthia Villar said on Friday, Feb. 2.

In an ambush interview, Villar stressed that the conflicts between the leaders of the country will only turn down foreigners who want to invest in the country.

“This will destroy our economy. Kasi ang mga investor pag nakita na nagkakagulo tayo hindi magi-invest sa Philippines."

Meanwhile, Senators also cut words against the divisive People's Initiative (PI) to prevent tension between Congress and the Senate since hearings on Resolution No. 6 of both houses will be held next week.


"I-para nila. Ang PI will call for joint voting. Twenty-four kami at 320 sila. Sila na mananalo at kung ano gusto nila ‘yon ang masusunod when in fact we’re a bicameral form of government," Villar said.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Martin Romualdez said that the said resolution will make a “significant step” towards the much-awaited constitutional amendments.

Romualdez, who is the current president’s cousin, has denied that claim, saying he wants the constitution amended only to remove restrictions on foreign investment.

“As Speaker of the House of Representatives, I await with great anticipation the outcomes of these Senate deliberations. The prospect of amending and potentially easing certain restrictive provisions in the 1987 Constitution is more than a legislative exercise," Romualdes said in a statement released to the media.


"It is a great stride towards realizing the aspirations of our people and unlocking the full potential of our nation,” Romualdez said in a statement released to the media.

The Duterte and Marcos families made headlines in the last week of January rooted in the controversial PI for Charter change and the International Criminal Court's probe into the Duterte administration's "war on drugs."

PRRD also accused Marcos of using illegal drugs; however, Marcos just laughed off the accusations and said it could be "fentanyl" that caused the former president's behavior.

Baste Duterte also called on Marcos to resign from his post, but Vice President Sara Duterte said that the statement was only a "brotherly love."


A kick-off rally for the "Bagong Pilipinas" was held on January 28, while Duterte's side also conducted a prayer rally in Davao City the same day.

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