WATCH: YG announces BABYMONSTER final members
WATCH: YG announces BABYMONSTER final members
WATCH: YG announces BABYMONSTER final members
by Mhillen Nicole Borja12 May 2023
Photo Courtesy: BABYMONSTER

K-pop fans, rejoice! YG Entertainment has just announced the final lineup for its highly anticipated girl group BABYMONSTER, seven years after the debut of BLACKPINK.

The big reveal happened on May 12 at midnight KST during a live broadcast hosted by YG founder Yang Hyun Suk.

He introduced each of the five members one by one, highlighting their unique talents and explaining why he chose them to be a part of the group.

The final lineup for BABYMONSTER includes Ahyeon, Ruka, Chiquita, Haram, and Pharita.


Screengrab from BABYMONTER's Youtube channel

Some fans were surprised that two trainees, Rora and Asa, were not included in the lineup. But Yang Hyun Suk quickly explained that he had other plans for them.

Rora, for instance, will be debuting with YG's next girl group, while Asa will participate in a girl group project he has planned in Japan.

According to Yang Hyun Suk, the decision to choose only five members took two weeks because of the overwhelming response from fans who wanted all seven trainees to debut.


He emphasized the importance of fans' opinions, saying, "'YG Family' is not just the gathering of YG artists, as I believe that YG fans and everyone who has diligently tuned in to these broadcasts are the true YG Family."

To show his appreciation for the fans, Yang Hyun Suk replaced the poster board of BABYMONSTER's five members with one featuring all seven trainees.

Screengrab from BABYMONTER's Youtube channel

He also announced that the group will now be known as BABYMONS7ER, indicating that he will be taking all seven members with him.

Yang Hyun Suk revealed that the five members he initially announced were chosen by YG, while Rora and Asa were chosen by fans.


He added that the group will debut as soon as possible, likely no later than this fall.

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