WATCH: Prime Video PH releases trailer of 'Sampung Mga Kerida'
WATCH: Prime Video PH releases trailer of 'Sampung Mga Kerida'
WATCH: Prime Video PH releases trailer of 'Sampung Mga Kerida'
by Ellicia Del Mundo13 January 2023
Screengrab from Prime Video Facebook

The ten glamorous mistresses are coming!

On Friday, Amazon Prime Video Philippines released the trailer of its first-ever original movie "Sampung Mga Kerida” (Ten Little Mistresses).

"Two is a crowd pero ten? Ten is a party and it might turn out deadly. 🔪 Everyone’s invited to this year’s biggest murder-mystery. Pero mag-ingat sa maling akala, nakakamatay ’yan," it captioned in a Facebook post.


In the trailer, the keridas of widowed billionaire Valentin Esposo arrives at his mansion for a party. Each of them is wearing an extravagant but distinctive outfit.

The narrator described each keridas as "gold digger", "gold-wearer", "manghuhula", "boomer", "Gen Z", "Gen X", "doctor", "dinoktor," "beauty queen," "influencer", and "kabogera".

"Basta lahat nasa iisang party lang! Ngunit hindi lahat ng pagtatago ay may happy ending!" the narrator added.

The murder-mystery comedy film is directed by Jun Robles Lana, the creator of the hit films "Die Beautiful" and "The Panti Sisters".


The “Ten Little Mistresses” will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video this coming February 16 in 240 countries and territories.

The film is headlined by John Arcilla, Eugene Domingo, Christian Bables, Pokwang, Arci Muñoz, Carmi Martin, Agot Isidro, Kris Bernal, Sharlene San Pedro, Adrianna So, Kate Alejandrino, Iana Bernardez, and Donna Cariaga.

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