WATCH: BTS’ Jungkook drops previews of ‘GOLDEN’ tracklist
WATCH: BTS’ Jungkook drops previews of ‘GOLDEN’ tracklist
WATCH: BTS’ Jungkook drops previews of ‘GOLDEN’ tracklist
by Ada Pelonia31 October 2023
Screengrab from HYBE LABELS

BTS’ Jungkook teased fans on Monday, Oct. 31, by revealing respective previews of his “GOLDEN” debut album tracklist.

In a 3-minute video, Jungkook drops a beat to his song “3D” featuring Jack Harlow as he stands in the middle of an empty studio.

The video presents the golden maknae’s song “Closer to You” featuring Major Lazer, where he lies on a bed of radiant flowers.

Light flashes enter the screen as Jungkook’s “Seven” blasts, presenting him moving around a room with vinyl records framed on the wall. A black-and-white version shows him holding flowers while the background sings his “Hate You” song.

Jungkook swims through the limelight as “Standing Next to You” drops while “Yes or No” shows him playing in front of the screen.

As the video pans to Jungkook’s “Pease Don’t Change” featuring DJ Snake, a dark mood and a shift in the tone of the music can be felt while the maknae’s stresses over a seemingly unanswered call inside a telephone booth.

An upbeat tone gains access to the audience as Jungkook’s “Somebody” shows on the screen with him bathing in crimson neon light.

The penultimate song in his tracklist, “Too Sad to Dance,” shows Jungkook in a reverie in the same room as his first song preview but with the “GOLDEN” booth blazing yellow lights as the video goes around him.

His last song, “Shot Glass of Tears,” shows him walking toward the “GOLDEN” booth before the video turns black.

Jungkook’s debut album is set to be released on November 3 at 1 p.m. Korean Standard Time (KST) or 12 p.m. in the Philippine Time.

Watch the entire “GOLDEN” preview below.

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