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Tulfo seeks probe on 'culture of bullying' in hospitals
Tulfo seeks probe on 'culture of bullying' in hospitals
Tulfo seeks probe on 'culture of bullying' in hospitals
by Mhillen Nicole Borja18 February 2023
Photo Courtesy: Senate of the Philippines

Senator Raffy Tulfo filed a resolution in the Senate to investigate several reports of bullying in the hospital hierarchy.

Under his Senate Resolution No. 467, bullying is a ‘threat to the physical, psychological, and mental health and safety’ of clerks, interns, residents, nurses, and other medical professionals.

Citing Dr. Erwin Manzano’s 'Hospital Bullies in the Philippine Clerkship and Residency Training,' the culture of bullying has been evident in hospitals.

“Some hospitals and clinics have adopted a culture of bullying wherein senior residents and consultants have become offensive and oppressive to junior residents, trainees, clerks, and those lower in ranks but have remained unexposed due to them being influential or regarded as highly-respected members in the profession,” it read.


He underlined the need to investigate the existing problem within the field to establish a measure addressing the situation.

He requested the Senate to direct Committee on Health and Demography to conduct an inquiry into bullying reports in the medical field.

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