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Phivolcs observes phreatic eruption in Taal Volcano
Phivolcs observes phreatic eruption in Taal Volcano
Phivolcs observes phreatic eruption in Taal Volcano
by Ellicia Del Mundo12 April 2024
DZRH file photo

The Taal Volcano in Batangas had a phreatic or steam-driven eruption on Friday morning, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs).

In an advisory, Phivolcs said the phreatic eruption at the Taal main crater happened between 5:11 AM to 5:24 AM.

"The event produced a white steam-laden plume 2[,]400 meters tall that drifted southwest based on IP camera images," it said.

"The phreatic event was likely driven by the continued emission of hot volcanic gasses at the Taal Main Crater and could be succeeded by similar phreatic activity," the state seismologist added.


Phivolcs, however, crossed out the possibility that unrest would "progress into magmatic eruption."

It maintained Alert Level 1 over Taal Volcano or low-level of unrest which means entry to Taal's permanent danger zone, particularly the main crater and Daan Kastilla fissure, remains prohibited.

Aircrafts, meanwhile, are advised to refrain from flying close to the volcano due to the possible hazards.

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