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Street Woman Fighter 2 reveals final winner
Street Woman Fighter 2 reveals final winner
Street Woman Fighter 2 reveals final winner
by Daylight Abas02 November 2023
Photo courtesy: MNET Dance / Instagram

Street Woman Fight Season 2 is over, and dance crew BEBE was hailed as the winner!

The second season of South Korea’s hottest and most highly anticipated survival show, Street Woman Fighter, featuring eight amazing crews that have proven their different capabilities and showcased their remarkable dancing skills, has finally come to an end, with the last crew standing during the show’s final episode.

BEBE, the crew led by famous choreographer Bada Lee, has bested out the three other groups in the final four, which are composed of Jam Republic, 1 MILLION, and Mannequeen.

In her acceptance speech, Bada expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her team members—Lusher, Kyma, Tatter, Minah, Cheche, and Sowoen—for giving their best in every mission and for performing alongside the other teams in the entire season.

She also thanked their families for showing much support for their passion and for uplifting each member in every battle they have overcome since the first episode.

BEBE has garnered 2.47 million views, 195,782 likes, and 845,026 votes for their crew video, and gained 75,357 votes during the live finale.

On the other hand, international crew Jam Republic, composed of leader Kirsten Dodgen, Latrice, Ling, Emma, and Audrey Lane, was hailed as the first runner-up with 4.04 million views, 288,529 likes, and 745,843 votes on its crew video, and received 62,034 live votes during the final episode.

Moreover, 1 MILLION, headed by Lia Kim with members Harimu, Amy, Dohee, Debby, and Redy, secured third place, while Mannequeen, consisting of Funky Y, Redlic, Buckey, Waackxxxy, Yoonji, and Cera, came in fourth.

The winning crew took home the prize money of 50 million won, or the equivalent of P2.1 million, and also received diamond rings for each member, which signifies their victory.

The second season of the famous survival dance show aired on August 22, in which 1 MILLION, BEBE, Deep N Dap, Mannequeen, Ladybounce, Wolf’Lo, Jam Republic, and Tsubakill participated.

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