SexBomb Izzy Trazona reveals honest feelings on son Andrei's drag queen career
SexBomb Izzy Trazona reveals honest feelings on son Andrei's drag queen career
SexBomb Izzy Trazona reveals honest feelings on son Andrei's drag queen career
by Christhel Cuazon14 September 2023
Photo courtesy: Izzy Trazona-Aragon Facebook page

Former Sexbomb Girls member Izzy Trazona-Aragon took to social media to express her honest feelings towards her son Andrei, who recently introduced himself as Sofia, a drag queen.

"I miss you Drei, you’re always in my prayer..everyday. I love you so much. And that will never be changed," her caption read.

"Sometimes, parents & their children have disagreements and its normal. But I know both sides have that pain in their and wishes that they will just simply agree w/ each other. Both have their own reason of what they are fighting for," she continued.


The dancer then narrated her own experience of disagreements with her mother.

"I myself, experienced being a daughter to my parents, I have a lot of things in mind to do, but my mom will keep on saying 'no'. Of course sadness & hatred is what I felt, and later did I know, that she is just protecting me,” Izzy said. "Back then all I see is her angry face, but now I realized that it is LOVE. I thought that mom doesn't want me to be happy, but she is just concerned that in the end of it all. I won't get hurt w/ my decisions."

Izzy hopes that her son will eventually understand where she's coming from, saying that she only wants to protect Andrei and her three other children from "going against the faith I have in Christ."

"When you told me, 'you'll never know what I feel kasi you we're never in my shoes,' yes, I agree, same with me. Hindi mo pa rin naman nararanasan maging magulang,"she wrote.

"All I want is for your best. Im holding on with the TRUTH that is written in the bible, the word of God. The One who created us. Nandon kasi ako sa ending ng lahat ng ito, Heaven & earth will pass but my words will not pass away (Matt 24:35)," she continued.
"So if my children, the 4 of them, will do something that is against the faith that I have in Christ, that will I disagree. I point them to Jesus because with that I will be secured with their future. The best I know I can give to my children, more than richness, fame and all."

"Putting my hope on what Jesus did on the cross for me, paid the consequence of my sin. Instead of me paying it. Sin will bring me to eternal death, hell. But He saved me. By believing and surrendering my life to that truth."


Izzy ended her post saying that Andrei may not have her full support but she loves him nonetheless.

"Sino ba naman magulang ang gustong mapahamak ang anak? When all your motive is to save them sa mas masakit na pwede nilang maranasan. Ang buhay na wala si Kristo.

"Andrei anak, I love you so much to not support you on things that will harm you. I am always here for you…your mama, mahal na mahal kita."

Andrei, 21, who goes by the monicker Sofia, is among the contestants of the first season of Viñas DeLuxe's drag competition, "Bunganga Battle Royale."

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