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Senators scrutinize lapses in Guo's birth certificate
Senators scrutinize lapses in Guo's birth certificate
Senators scrutinize lapses in Guo's birth certificate
by Mary Antalan22 May 2024

Senators probed deeper into the identity of controversial Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo, on Wednesday after learning that her birth certificate has irregularities that contradict her statements.

During the second hearing of the Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations, and Gender Equality on Wednesday, Chairwoman Senator Risa Hontiveros clarified if Guo has no siblings.

Guo answered, "Your honor, yun po ang understanding ko po."

Under Guo's late registered birth certificate in 2005, her father is Angelito Guo and her mother is Amelia Leal. Amelia Leal was allegedly their former housekeeper, whom Guo earlier said abandoned her.


Guo stood firm in her answer that Leal was her biological mother, citing his father's alleged story.

"Nakita ko po sa birth certificate ko po Amelia Leal po na sinabi po sakin kasambahay po nila noong unang panahon po," Guo said.

Hontiveros also clarified if her father had children from other women. Guo said yes, but she noted that she didn't grow up with her half-siblings.

Guo also said her mother was not married to her father, but the mayor's birth certificate shows they are married.


Proofs were also revealed by Hontiveros, showing birth certificates of two people named Shikla Leal Guo and Seimen Leal Guo, who have the same name as their mother, Amelia Leal.

The father of the two is also Angelito Guo, similar to what is written about Guo's birth certificate.

If Guo was abandoned after she was born, Hontiveros asked the mayor why her alleged siblings were born within close years. Shikla Leal Guo was born on January 12, 1984, while Seimen Leal Guo was born on August 1, 1988.

"Akala ko ba nawala yung nanay ninyo, eh parang matagal naman yung relasyon nila ng tatay nila, tatlo ang anak, and by the way, iba po yun sa kwento niyo sa interview na napanood naming lahat," Hontiveros said.


Moments later, Guo said she confirmed to her father after the first Senate hearing if she has siblings, and her father allegedly said yes.

It also appears on the three birth certificates that Angelito Guo and Amelia Guo were married; however, they have different dates of marriage.

"Paanong mangyayareng kasal sila kung sabi mo ang birth mother mo ay yung kasambahay sa bahay ng tatay at nanay mo?" Hontiveros said.

The name Shikla Leal Guo was also tracked while traveling with Guo in different countries, citing a receipt presented by Hontiveros.


Meanwhile, Senator Raffy Tulfo expressed his sentiments concerning why Guo did not ask her father about her identity, such as her mother's and siblings' whereabouts.

Guo, however, said they are not talking about those things as they are too "sensitive.".

"You would have been curious, diba' kasi sooner or later ito ay tatanungin sa akin kailangan ready akong sagutin 'yan, and I should tell the truth," said Tulfo.

"In this case, you're not prepared. Halatang mnay mga butas itong mga statement mo."


Tulfo challenged Guo to do a lie detector challenge at the next hearing.

Absence of Birth Certificates

Upon checking with the Philippine Statistics Authority, Angelito Guo and Amelia Leal Guo have no birth records.

It appeared on Guo's birth certificate that her father was Filipino, but Guo claimed he is Chinese.


"Hindi po kaya Angelito Guo and Amelia Leal Guo don't even exist?" said Hontiveros.

"Itong dalawang taong ito na, according to the evidence, have three children, but according to you, Mayor, have only one child, which partly doesn't even exist?" she added.

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