Rookie group New:ID releases new single "Deja Vu"
Rookie group New:ID releases new single "Deja Vu"
Rookie group New:ID releases new single "Deja Vu"
by DZRH News30 October 2023
Rookie boy group New:ID

"Spreading hope" is the new theme for New:ID's single, Deja Vu.

Thew rookie boy group from MLD Entertainment has released its second single via various streaming sites last October 27.

"Deja Vu" was one of the popular songs during the global audition program "Dream Maker", a show where New:ID was part of.

The riff and powerful beat that catches the ears is accompanied with a hopeful message that can overcome any obstacle, reinterpreted with New:ID's own colors.

New:ID raised even more expectations from the fans when they previously released their prologue single “E.R”. The group showed their ultimate chemistry in terms of vocals, rap, performance and all aspects. Fans are curious about how the members would be coming back following the emotional identity they showed last time.

New:ID is a five member boy group composed of Wilson, Macky, L, Thad, and Jom - who showed an unusual presence in “Dream Maker”. The members who have gathered together once again with the goal of jumping as a global pop group are going to be taking their step one step at a time towards their dreams showing off their all rounder skills.

New:ID has been consistently showing their unrivaled skills from the survival process until today. Their second identity that has been hidden under the wraps that will be awoken with “Deja vu” is garnering much attention.

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