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Reclamation project in front of Roxas Blvd. ‘wrong’ says Zubiri
Reclamation project in front of Roxas Blvd. ‘wrong’ says Zubiri
Reclamation project in front of Roxas Blvd. ‘wrong’ says Zubiri
by Daylight Abas14 August 2023
Photo courtesy: Congressman Ralph Recto

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri on Monday opposed the Manila Bay reclamation projects, specifically in Roxas Boulevard, due to several factors, such as their impact on floods, disaster operations, and tourism.

In a televised interview, Zubiri mentioned that Roxas Boulevard in Manila Bay has been known for its beautiful sunset for decades now, pointing out that the reclamation project in front of it is wrong.

He clarified that he is not against reclamation and emphasized that "positioning" is necessary for reclamation areas, saying that Roxas Boulevard should be an open boulevard all the way out.

When asked about the suspended reclamation projects due to the alleged involvement of a China-owned firm, the Senate President believed that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. would not like it if the view on Roxas Boulevard was done.


Moreover, Zubiri sided with Environment Secretary Maria Antonia Tulo-Loyzaga’s concern that the reclamation project in the location could cause floods.

He also explained that Roxas Boulevard can be an avenue for boats conducting relief operations in times of disaster.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said on Thursday that all 22 reclamation projects in Manila Bay had been halted pending an assessment of their environmental and socioeconomic implications.


The confirmation came after Marcos canceled "all but one" reclamation project, despite allegations that they were poorly managed and operated.

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