Pura Luka Vega declared persona non grata in Laguna, CDO
Pura Luka Vega declared persona non grata in Laguna, CDO
Pura Luka Vega declared persona non grata in Laguna, CDO
by Christhel Cuazon15 August 2023

More local government units (LGU) across the country have declared persona non grata against drag artist Pura Luka Vega following her viral performance of the remix version of The Lord's Prayer while she was in Black Nazarene costume.

In a statement on Monday, Laguna board member Christian Niño Lajara announced that they have "successfully" declared the drag queen as persona non grata.

According to Lajara, the resolution was unanimously approved by members of the Laguna Provincial Council.

"It is our duty to uphold the values of respect and dignity towards our fellow individuals," he added. "We should not tolerate any attacks or disrespect towards our cultures and beliefs."


He noted that the declaration is a reminder to everyone that being a celebrity should never be an excuse to offend or insult beliefs and traditions.

Cagayan de Oro likewise approved a resolution, authored by Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya, declaring Vega unwelcome in the locality due to "sacrilegious acts."

Vega has been previously declared persona non grata in the City of Manila, Bukidnon, Floridablanca town in Pampanga, Toboso town in Negros Occidental, and the City of General Santos in South Cotabato.

In a statement, Vega, whose real name is Amadeus Fernando Pagent, asked local governments to apprise her of what she did wrong in her viral "Ama Namin" drag performance.


"I’m open for a dialogue and yet cities have been declaring persona non grata without even knowing me or understanding the intent of the performance," she added.


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