POGOs not a 'national security threat' — NSC
POGOs not a 'national security threat' — NSC
POGOs not a 'national security threat' — NSC
by Mary Antalan13 June 2024

The existence of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) in the country is not a national security threat, the National Security Council (NSC) said on Thursday, June 13.

In a statement, the NSC said they are "watching closely the ongoing Senate investigation into POGO operations in the country" while assessing its implications.

The NSC said they do not view POGOs as a national security threat as they have no direct involvement in the defense forces.

Meanwhile, the NSC said POGO is "a national concern that law enforcement and regulatory agencies can address" and its lawyers may "need to look into the pros and cons."


"There are legitimate POGOs that are duly licensed and regulated by PAGCOR and other government agencies. Illegal POGOs, on the other hand, and those involved in scams and illegal activities should not be tolerated, and any violation of the law and applicable rules and regulations shall be acted upon by the appropriate law enforcement agencies," the NSC said.

According to the NSC, issues related to the illegal activities of POGOs can be addressed within the framework of existing government regulations and law enforcement mechanisms.

The NSC added that illegal POGOS "does not warrant the intervention of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, as in the case of going after declared national security threats such as the Abu Sayyaf of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

"The NSC will continue to work closely with relevant government agencies and stakeholders to gather comprehensive data insights, providing a balanced and informed perspective," the NSC noted.


"This approach will help ensure that any policy regarding the future of POGOs and other related operations in the Philippines is made with a clear understanding of their implications for national security," it furthered.

Meanwhile, the NSC thanked government officials for their efforts in articulating the issue of POGOs in the country while ensuring it would remain committed to protecting the interests and safety of Filipinos.

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