PH bet Yllana Marie Aduana crowned Miss Earth Air
PH bet Yllana Marie Aduana crowned Miss Earth Air
PH bet Yllana Marie Aduana crowned Miss Earth Air
by Ada Pelonia23 December 2023
Photo courtesy of @missearth/Instagram

Philippines’ bet Yllana Marie Aduana was crowned Miss Earth Air 2023 on Friday, Dec. 22.

During the final question, Aduana underscored the significance of practicing a zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of future generation’s stability when asked the questions: “An official at a recent climate conference was quoted as saying ‘there is no science behind calls for the phaseout of fossil fuels.’ Do you agree? Why, or why not?”

“As someone who is from the medical field, I do believe that everything roots from science. And I think the greatest gift that we have in this generation is the sophisticated technical installations that we have and so there is science in the phaseout of fossil fuel,” Aduana said.

“But one thing that we can also agree on is that we can always live the zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle. I've always been practicing it, because sustainability will always ensure the stability in our future and if we can master the transferability skills, when the jobs phase out, then we will have a greener and more sustainable future,” she added.

Joining Aduana as Miss Earth Air were Albania’s Drita Ziri as Miss Earth 2023, Vietnam’s Do Thi Lan Anh as Miss Earth Water, and Thailand’s Cora Bliault as Miss Earth Fire.

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