PBBM certifies agri-economic sabotage as urgent bill
PBBM certifies agri-economic sabotage as urgent bill
PBBM certifies agri-economic sabotage as urgent bill
by Christhel Cuazon21 September 2023
Photo courtesy: REUTERS

President Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr. Jr. has certified as urgent a bill that imposes grave punishment for agricultural economic sabotage.

In a document shared with the media on Thursday, the President certified Senate Bill No. 2432 as urgent in a letter to Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri.

Marcos, in his letter to Zubri, said the need to facilitate the passage of SB No. 2432 is imperative, "especially now that the country is beset by rising prices and shortages in agricultural products, partly due to the nefarious acts of smuggling, hoarding, profiteering, and cartel."


According to Press Secretary Cheloy Garafil, the new bill seeks to punish economic sabotage or the smuggling, hoarding, profiteering, and cartel of agricultural and fishery products with life imprisonment and a fine thrice the value of the goods

SB No. 2432 also repeals the Anti-Agricultural Smuggling Act.

Any government employee found to be an accomplice in the crime will be perpetually disqualified from holding public office, will not be able to participate in any public election, and will have their employment benefits forfeited, the bill added.

It also gives authorities the right to confiscate agri-fishery products and the properties used to commit economic sabotage, such as vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and warehouses.


The move comes weeks after President Marcos, who also sits as Agriculture chief, imposed a price cap on rice, sugar, and onion.

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