OTS Chief Aplasca steps down from post after Romualdez threat
OTS Chief Aplasca steps down from post after Romualdez threat
OTS Chief Aplasca steps down from post after Romualdez threat
by Mary Antalan27 September 2023
Photo Courtesy: Office of Transportation Security

Office for Transportation Security (OTS) Administrator Mao Aplasca submitted his courtesy resignation on Tuesday, September 26, after House Speaker Martin Romualdez threatened him to block OTS' 2024 budget approval if he did not submit his resignation.

Romualdez on Monday demanded Aplasca's resignation over a series of alleged thefts among airport screening personnel at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

"In view of the pronouncement of Congressman Romuladez that he will personally block the approval of the budget of the OTS and DOTr, I have come to this decision to officially submit my courtesy resignation for the consideration of SOTr and the president," Aplasca said in his statement.

"I am not in any way ready to sacrifice my organization, but I consider this as a noble undertaking for a greater interest," he added.


The OTS chief reiterated that he had done nothing wrong but to wage an honest campaign against corruption in all airports nationwide, wherein, according to him, "it is a sacred duty of every head of the government agency expressed and solemnized" when taking their oath.

Aplasca earlier said he was surprised when he knew that Romualdez was demanding that he resign from his position.

"I have done nothing wrong but to cleanse our office with corrupt officials. Why am I now being attacked? For going after corrupt officials? I think it should be the other way around. The corrupt officials should instead be asked to resign," Aplasca said.

"The case involving stealing of the 300 US dollar bills is still being resolved, mauna pa mawala yung mga nag-imbistiga. There must be something wrong somewhere," he added.


The latest blunder of the OTS under Aplasca's management happened on September 8 when a female security screening officer stole $300 from a departing passenger's suitcase.

Two weeks later, CCTV footage was released showing the female personnel trying to swallow the hundred-dollar bill.

Based on the investigation by airport authorities, another officer operating the X-ray machine and the team’s supervisor were in connivance with the erring female officer.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s acceptance of the resignation has not yet been confirmed by Malacañang.

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