NCT’s Taeyong to enlist in military on April 15
NCT’s Taeyong to enlist in military on April 15
NCT’s Taeyong to enlist in military on April 15
by Ada Pelonia19 March 2024
Photo courtesy of @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Taeyong of the South Korean group NCT will begin his military enlistment on April 15, his agency announced Tuesday, March 19.

“NCT’s Taeyong is enlisting in the Navy as an active duty soldier on April 15,” SM Entertainment wrote in a statement.

The agency noted that no events would be done that day, stating that Taeyong’s enlistment would be private.

“There will be no official events held on the day he enters the recruit training center, and we ask for your understanding as his enlistment will be held privately to prevent safety incidents due to congestion on site,” the agency added.

“Please show continued support and love until the day Taeyong diligently completes his mandatory military service and returns in good health,” SM Entertainment said.

Meanwhile, Taeyong wrote a letter saying he would miss NCTzens, reminding them to stay healthy until his return.

"Czennie, our NCTzen, we have grown proudly together, don't we. So that's why it feels more affectionate and precious. I think I'm going to miss you guys so much. I will be back well so all of you stay healthy and be well too! I'll be back soon!" Taeyong wrote on Weverse.

Taeyong, real name Lee Taeyong, would be the first NCT member to enlist in the military.

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