Mother of ‘slapped’ pupil wants teacher to stay teaching while case is ongoing
Mother of ‘slapped’ pupil wants teacher to stay teaching while case is ongoing
Mother of ‘slapped’ pupil wants teacher to stay teaching while case is ongoing
by Daylight Abas05 October 2023
DZRH / Val Gonzales

The mother of the 14-year-old fifth-grade pupil who died after being slapped by his teacher still wants the latter to teach at the same school while the case is being prepared.

In a televised interview, Elena Minggoy said that the principal coordinated with them and told them that Mrs. Mirasol Sison, the involved teacher, wanted to talk to them.

However, the death of victim Francis Jay Gumikib still wounds the hearts of the bereaved family, and Minggoy chose not to face Sison yet.

She said that she doesn’t want to meet the teacher at the moment because it is still painful for them, adding that she is fine with the other teachers who loved her children, particularly Francis, but not the one who hurt the boy.


Minggoy further narrated that Sison was crying and is now regretting the wrongful action she took towards Gumikib, saying that teaching is her only livelihood as her husband is unemployed.

With the painful death of the elementary pupil, Minggoy stressed that the case filed against the teacher will push through, but she still wants Sison to continue teaching while it is being readied.

Also, the victim’s mother said that she wants Sison to continue teaching at the school and remembers the slapping she did to Gumikib, which caused his death.

Meanwhile, the death certificate issued by the Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center showed that Gumikib died due to global brain edema, or inflammation of the brain, for three days and experienced intraparenchymal hemorrhage before he died, six days after he was admitted to the hospital.


Gumikib was transported to the hospital after experiencing many symptoms, such as nausea, eye pain, vomiting, and an earache.

Furthermore, the student vomited blood while in the emergency hospital, and he was later diagnosed with lung disease.

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