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MMDA says busway violations ‘decreasing significantly’
MMDA says busway violations ‘decreasing significantly’
MMDA says busway violations ‘decreasing significantly’
by Ada Pelonia05 December 2023
Photo courtesy of MMDA/Facebook

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) on Monday, Dec. 4, saw a “significant decrease” of EDSA busway violators based on rush hour operations from Pasay to Cubao, Quezon City.

“At around 8:30am to 9am before, we were usually apprehending 60 violators but now, we have observed that there was a minimal to zero number of unauthorized vehicles entering the exclusive bus lane,” Assistant General Manager for Operations Asec. David Vargas said.

Vargas added that the stricter fines imposed on violators effectively deter motorists from passing by the exclusive carousel lane along EDSA.

“Motorists are gradually obeying traffic rules and regulations in Metro Manila, particularly the EDSA busway policy,” he said.

The motor vehicles flagged early Monday were 29—26 motorcycles, while 3 were cars.

Vargas also noted that the agency would bolster its anti-illegal parking operations, particularly along Mabuhay Lanes which serve as alternative routes for motor vehicles avoiding the traffic at EDSA.

He urged the public to be “citizens watch patrol” and report areas with massive numbers of illegally parked motor vehicles.

“You can report to us your locations where there are many illegally parked vehicles and we will verify it and coordinate with the local government units before we operate the area,” the MMDA Assistant General Manager for Operations said.

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