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LOOK: Venus Raj to marry non-showbiz boyfriend
LOOK: Venus Raj to marry non-showbiz boyfriend
LOOK: Venus Raj to marry non-showbiz boyfriend
by Ada Pelonia11 December 2023
Photo courtesy of @onlyvenusraj/Instagram

Miss Universe 2010 4th runner-up Venus Raj on Sunday, Dec. 10, took to social media to announce her engagement with her non-showbiz boyfriend.

“There is blessing in waiting,” Venus Raj penned in her Instagram post, revealing that she “will be spending the rest of my life with this man” in a few days.

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“My prayer is that, together, we will journey towards God’s will in fulfilling His purpose for our union. We pray to glorify and honor Him in our lives. We have a future ahead of us, it will not be perfect, but God is the anchor that will keep secure,” she said.

Raj recalled having surrendered her life to Jesus for eight years, asking the divine to protect her heart and keep it until the right man comes into her life.

“For 8 years, God allowed me to be single. Since I have fully surrendered my life to Jesus, I have never entered into a romantic relationship. I asked Him to protect my heart and to keep it until the right man comes,” she said.

“In the process, I have devoted my single years in serving the Lord, serving communities, and serving my family. God is indeed the giver of good gifts, He knows His timeline for my life, and the right time has finally come,” Raj added.

The 35-year-old beauty queen advised those who are single and praying for marriage to know that “God hears your prayers” and knows what is best for you, but only if you trust the process.

“If you are still single and praying to the Lord for marriage, please know that God hears your prayers and He knows the desires of your heart. The answer might be — wait, yes, or no, but one thing is for sure, He knows what’s best for you. Trust His process,” she said.

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