LIST: Upcoming movies’ trailers that aired during Super Bowl 2024
LIST: Upcoming movies’ trailers that aired during Super Bowl 2024
LIST: Upcoming movies’ trailers that aired during Super Bowl 2024
by Ada Pelonia14 February 2024
Screengrab from Paramount Plus, Pixar, Illumination, IGN/YouTube

This year’s Super Bowl garnered 123.4 million views, trailing shortly behind Apollo 11’s historic landing which was viewed by 125 to 150 million people in 1969—as stated in a BBC report.

With Super Bowl 2024 breaking the most watched US TV broadcast since the Moon landing when it aired, commercials which consisted of ADs and film trailers racked up views from audiences.

Here is every movie trailer played during the Super Bowl.

  • Deadpool & Wolverine

“Deadpool 3” (officially titled “Deadpool & Wolverine) showed a glimpse of Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, donning his iconic yellow suit as he saves the titular character (portrayed by Ryan Reynolds) along with “Succession” star Matthew Macfadyen as a Time Variance Authority (TVA) officer. The movie is set to hit theaters on July 26.

  • Wicked

Based on the hit Broadway musical of the same name, “Wicked” follows the untold story of Elphaba (Cynthia Erivo), the witch in The Wizard of Oz, as an often misunderstood young woman due to her green skin and her companion Glinda (Ariana Grande) set to discover her true heart. Split into two films, the first part slated to hit theaters on November 24, 2024, and the second movie on November 26 next year.

  • Twisters

After his blockbuster rom-com “Anyone but You,” Glen Powell graces the big screen yet again with the “Twister” (1996) sequel “Twisters” set to hit theaters on July 19. Powell will be joined by Golden Globe nominee Daisy Edgar-Jones as they try to tame the vast power of tornadoes.

  • Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

The “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” follows the reign of apes on Earth following the Simian Flu virus outbreak faced by human society that led to a global collapse. An ape civilization emerged with a similar social class as humans after they became the dominant species on the planet. It will hit theaters on May 24.

  • Knuckles

Knuckles” centers on Knuckles (Idris Elba) training Wade (Adam Pally) as his protégé and an array of hi-tech equipment by enemies hell-bent on taking Knuckles’ power for themselves. It will premiere on Paramount Plus in April.


  • Despicable Me 4

With the “Despicable Me” franchise coming back after seven years, “Despicable Me 4” follows a new chapter in Gru and Lucy’s life as their girls—Margo, Edith, and Agnes—welcome an addition to the family: Gru Jr. who is hellbent on tormenting his father. It will hit theaters on July 3.

  • A Quiet Place: Day One

The trailer takes the audience back to the beginning when the alien invasion took place and wreaked havoc in New York City. Unlike the life of silence of the Abbott family in the countryside upon figuring out the monsters’ sensitivity to sound during the first two films, “A Quiet Place: Day One” treats the audience with a booming sound of terror. It features Lupita Nyong'o and Joseph Quinn’s characters scrambling to survive in the official trailer and will premiere in theaters on June 28.

  • The Fall Guy

Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Hannah Waddingham star in “The Fall Guy,” which centers on longtime stuntman Seavers who gets asked to find a missing movie star which he doubles for. It will premiere on May 3.

  • Moana 2

According to Disney, “Moana 2” will take the viewers on “an expansive” journey with Moana, Maui, and a brand-new crew of unlikely seafarers. It is set to premiere in theaters on November 27, 2024.


  • Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2” introduced fans with the new orange emotion, anxiety, along with many others. According to Pixar, director Kelsey Mann said the new emotion ensures shaking up the things in the headquarters. It is set to premiere in June 2024.

  • Kung Fu Panda 4

After seven years, “Kung Fu Panda” returns with another movie featuring the fan-favorite Dragon Warrior Po as he fights the new nemesis, a shape-shifting sorceress named Chameleon. It is set to hit the theaters on March 8.

  • Monkey Man

Dev Patel is back—not only as an actor but the director to his own film. Inspired by the legend of Hanuman which embodies strength and hope, “Monkey Man” follows a man’s pursuit of vengeance against corrupt officials who killed his mother and remains persistent in its sordid victimization of the poor and powerless. It will hit theaters on April 5.

  • IF

Ryan Reynols is on a roll as the trailer for “IF” follows him and Cailey Fleming who can see people’s imaginary friends.

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