Hontiveros shows document with suspected mother of Alice Guo
Hontiveros shows document with suspected mother of Alice Guo
Hontiveros shows document with suspected mother of Alice Guo
by Mary Antalan30 May 2024

Senator Risa Hontiveros released a document on Thursday showing the name of the possible mother of controversial Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo.

Based on the Bureau of Internal Revenue's record of Guo's alleged family business, a certain "Lin Wen Yi" was included as co-incorporator with the names of her siblings Shiela L. Guo and Siemen L. Guo and alleged father Jian Zhong Guo.

"Kung Chinese pala ang ina, at Chinese umano ang ama, mapapatunayan na hindi nga talaga Pilipino si Mayor," said Hontiveros.

"Kung totoo ito, ang mas malaking tanong: bakit kinailangan niyang magkunwari? Bakit may pagtatago at pagsisinungaling?," she added.


Hontiveros also noted that Lin traveled with Jian Zhong Guo at least 170 times within six years.

"Business partner lang nga ba o baka asawa talaga?," the Senator asked.

Citing the document, Hontiveros said Lin may have given birth to Guo while she was 15 years old.

"1971 ang birth year nitong Lin Wen Yi. Kung siya ang tunay na ina, 15 years old lang siya nang iniluwal si Alice. At kung siya din ang ina ni Sheila na aminado si Alice na kapatid niya, aba 13 years old lang siya nung niluwal si Sheila?," Hontiveros said.


"Unless ito ay gawa-gawa lang lahat," she added.

It can be recalled from previous senate hearings and interviews when Guo claimed she is a Filipino as her mother is also Filipino with the name "Amelia Leal" as stated in her birth certificate.

It later appeared that her alleged father "Angelito Guo" and Leal on her birth certificates have no birth and marriage records in the Philippines.

The Mayor's earlier statements said that she was the only child of her mother but later on admitted she has siblings.


Aside from her identity, Guo is being scrutinized in the raided Philippine offshore gaming operations (POGO) in her town, which was built on her land.

Around 800 employees, including around 500 foreigners, of whom 427 were Chinese nationals, were rescued by authorities.

Aside from human trafficking, the POGO hub was allegedly conducting surveillance activities and hacking websites.

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