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Another oil price hike set this week
Another oil price hike set this week
Another oil price hike set this week
by Christhel Cuazon21 August 2023
DZRH File Photo

Another price hike for fuel products awaits motorists this week, marking the sixth straight week of upward adjustment for gasoline and the seventh for both diesel and kerosene.

In an advisory, Seaoil, Chevron, and Shell announced that the per liter price of gasoline will go up by PHP 1.1, diesel by PHP 0.20, and kerosene by PHP 0.70. Cleanfuel will likewise implement the same changes, excluding kerosene which it does not carry.

The adjustments will be carried out at 6 AM on Tuesday, August 22, for all the firms except for Caltex which will adjust prices at 12:01 AM and Cleanfuel at 4:01 PM the same day.


Firms last week increased the per liter price of gasoline by PHP 1.90, diesel by PHP 1.50, and kerosene by PHP 2.50.

The latest monitoring of the Department of Energy showed that the price adjustments resulted in a year-to-date net increase of gasoline by PHP 13.40, diesel by PHP 8.60, and kerosene by PHP 5.14.

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