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Francis Magalona’s alleged love child to join showbiz
Francis Magalona’s alleged love child to join showbiz
Francis Magalona’s alleged love child to join showbiz
by Daylight Abas19 October 2023
Screengrab from YouTube

A former flight attendant showed up to the public through an episode of a YouTube series on Tuesday, October 17, together with her daughter, Gaile Francesca, who she claimed to be her child with the late Francis Magalona.

Abegail Rait unveiled the secret she had been hiding for 15 years, saying that she and the late Magalona had a relationship and that Francesca is their love child.

Rait reminisced about the moment she had a relationship with Magalona, in which she also shared that the late Master Rapper named their daughter after her from Abegail, and he ended up naming their child Gaile Frances.

She even said that her daughter bears a resemblance to Magalona’s children with his wife, Pia Magalona.

While sharing the story that she kept for more than a decade, Rait could not stop from turning emotional when Magalona was diagnosed with leukemia, saying that her world fell apart, emphasizing that they had many plans.

She also said that her situation was the hardest since they could not reveal their relationship, and she must have kept quiet for that long and never mentioned anything about them.

Now that the existence of Gaile Francess has been revealed, Rait said that her daughter will be joining showbizness, particularly in music, as her daughter can also sing, dance, and rap.

The camp of Magalonas have yet to comment on the matter.

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