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Ex-MOMOLAND member Daisy shares ‘rapper’ journey
Ex-MOMOLAND member Daisy shares ‘rapper’ journey
Ex-MOMOLAND member Daisy shares ‘rapper’ journey
by Ada Pelonia25 January 2024
Photo courtesy of MOMOLAND/Facebook

Former MOMOLAND member Daisy on Thursday, January 24, shared the story of how she became a “rapper” during her time in K-pop girl group.

“I’ve been wanting to defend myself about this forever,” she started on a TikTok video after receiving a comment on where she wanted to rap or sing since the “idol life” varies for everyone.

@daisiesforyu Replying to @Edgar Alexis Retiz ♬ original sound - Daisy (유정안)

Daisy recalled not having prepared a single rap whenever she auditioned, but she always readied a “little” song and dance to present.

“I have never once walked into an audition with a rap, not a single bar. I always went into auditions with a little song, a little dance, and that’s it,” she added.

The former MOMOLAND member jumped to being a trainee which she dubbed as another term of being jobless.

“When you’re a trainee, that’s another word for being unemployed, and when you’re unemployed, you’re very desperate. And desperate times come for desperate measures. So when you’re a trainee, you want to stand out. You want to be different,” she shared.

Daisy said she rummaged through her mind for a latent talent that brought her to the year 2010 when superstar Nicki Minaj rose to stardom, particularly for her song “Super Bass.”

“Like any good person would do, I was scouring my brain for anything that I knew how to do like a little secret talent of mine and then that took me back all the way to the year 2010 which just so happens to be the year of the worldwide cultural phenomenon of tweens all over the world memorizing Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” as if it’s gonna be on the SATs,” Daisy said.

“[A]nd I just happened to be the president of the Korean branch. So I gave them one [...] and these clueless 40-year-olds were absolutely blown away and from that day on I was a rapper,” she added.

The former MOMOLAND member looked back and initially wondered what she’d done but later realized that she learned to accept her role as a “rapper.”

“So at first I was kinda like ‘oh my god what have I done to myself’ because I really wanted to sing more but I learned to kind of accept it during my short-lived career,” she said.

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