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DOST agencies, programs to suffer budget cut in 2024
DOST agencies, programs to suffer budget cut in 2024
DOST agencies, programs to suffer budget cut in 2024
by Daylight Abas07 September 2023
Photo courtesy: DOST

Some government and other programs will suffer budget cuts in the 2024 national budget due to the issue of underspending.

Included in the agencies that will experience budget reductions is the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), which will affect some agencies and their programs next year. The Philippine Science High School System is highly affected by the large budget cut as a total of P300 will be deducted.

The only one approved by the Department of Budget and Management in the 2024 budget is P2.7 billion to fund a total of 16 Pisay campuses in the country, which is lower compared to the current budget of P3 billion.

This is expected to affect the earning management system and the completion of some projects and infrastructure.

Other agencies that have suffered budget cuts are the following:

  • Advanced Science and Technology Institute (P60.9 million)

  • Food and Nutrition Research Institute (P49.1 million)

  • National Academy of Science and Technology (23.8 million)

  • National Research Council of the Philippines (P23.6 million)

  • Science and Technology Information Institute (P11.5 million).

The programs affected by the deduction of funds are:

  • Science and Technology Education Development Program (P8.478 million)

  • Nuclear Science and Technology Services and Advisory Program (P3.741 million)

  • Research and Development on Atmospheric, Geophysical, Astronomical, and Allied Sciences Program (P1.451 million)

  • Nuclear Regulations, Security, and Safeguards Program (P1.371 million)

  • Forest Products Research and Development Program (P1.015 million)

  • Metals Industry Science and Technology Services Program (P0.224 million)

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