Bretman Rock gets stung by stingray during Palawan trip
Bretman Rock gets stung by stingray during Palawan trip
Bretman Rock gets stung by stingray during Palawan trip
by Christhel Cuazon25 August 2023
Photo courtesy: Bretman Rock Instagram

Internet superstar Bretman Rockstar is recently back in the Philippines and enjoying his private time in the picturesque Palawan.

In a series of Instagram posts, the 25-year-old singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, a scientist on the m*********ing side, the star of the crystal of the dayayayyy, and a coconut water connoisseur shared photos of his stay in a resort in the private island as well as the activities he has done so far.

“It’s always gonna be more fun in the Philippines,” he wrote in one post.

However, one of those is getting stung by a stingray.


“Bretman fucking Rockwell 🛥️🌊 His day consisted of, driving the boat 🚤, snorkeling 🤿 and getting stung by a sting ray, paddle boarding and kayaking 🛶🤙🏼🌴," he wrote on Instagram, showing off how he was given first aid for a stingray injury.


In the comment section, the Filipino-American influencer shared how the incident happened.


"I honestly thought I stepped on something sharp at first but I knew I had to get out of the water when I started to feel throbbing up to my head, when I got out I had 2 stings and that's how locals knew it was a sting ray. I put ice and it helped a lot but on the boat ride back I ran out of ice and I was legit rethinking my life, then they put plant medicine and boom she's healed," he said.

A user commented on how Bretman “almost pulled a Steve [Irwin]” — a notable zookeeper, television personality, and wildlife educator who passed away after being injured by a stingray while filming a documentary dubbed Great Barrier Reef back in 2006.

The social media superstar then replied, “[G]irllll, on that boat ride back I was really thinking I'm next.”

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