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Tulfo files bill to legalize ukay-ukay business
Tulfo files bill to legalize ukay-ukay business
Tulfo files bill to legalize ukay-ukay business
by Mhillen Nicole Borja03 February 2023
Photo Courtesy: When in Manila

Senator Raffy Tulfo is pushing to legalize and regulate Ukay-Ukay business or the importation of second-hand clothes, used clothing and other goods in the country.

Senate Bill 1778 aims to repeal Republic Act (RA) 4635 or an act protecting the health of the people and the honor of the country from 'commercial importation of textile articles commonly known as used clothing and rags' by implementing a national policy.

As it provides work opportunities for the Filipino citizens, the industry must be regulated by law.

"The revenue-generating industry has generated jobs for our fellowvFilipinos However, it must be regulated by the proper government agencies to ensure its compliance with applicable laws," he wrote in the explanatory note.

The bill assures that the 'P18 billion industry will no longer be an underground enterprise since it will be duly registered and its revenues audited for accountability by the proper government agencies'.

Ukay-ukay business originated in Baguio in the 1980s in which imported second hand goods were sold to the public at low prices and has now evolved as part of the Filipino Culture.

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