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BI warns foreigners' penalties for bomb joke incidents
BI warns foreigners' penalties for bomb joke incidents
BI warns foreigners' penalties for bomb joke incidents
by Mary Antalan03 May 2024

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) warned foreign nationals on Thursday about the punishments they can receive if they are involved in any bomb joke incidents.

In a statement, BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco said bomb jokes can lead to a foreigner's denial of entry to the Philippines or deportation, as it is a threat to the airports' safety.

"Bomb jokes or any comments referencing explosives are not taken lightly, especially in sensitive environments like airports. Such actions can be construed as threats and may lead to exclusion or deportation if foreign nationals are involved," Tansingco said.

Tansingco's warning came after an incident on Wednesday that resulted in the delay of a Japan-bound Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight PR412.


The flight scheduled to depart from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 was delayed for five hours after airport authorities received a bomb threat call from an unidentified woman.

For their safety, passengers were promptly evacuated, and the plane underwent thorough security checks before being cleared for departure.

"We urge all foreign nationals to exercise caution and refrain from making any statements or jokes that could be deemed threats to security," said the BI Commissioner.

"Our country remains hospitable for foreigners, but only for those who follow our laws," he furthered.

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