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Zubiri resigns as Senate President
Zubiri resigns as Senate President
Zubiri resigns as Senate President
by Mary Antalan20 May 2024
Senate of the Philippines

Senator Juan Miguel "Migz" Zubiri formally resigned as the President of the Senate of the Philippines on Monday, May 20.

During a Senate session, Zubiri emotionally delivered his valedictory speech and expressed his deep thanks to his co-senators.

"I raise in the matter of collective and personal privilege; I've only said that I serve at the pleasure of my colleagues, and I thank them for entrusting me with the monumental responsibility of leading the senate over the past two years," Zubiri said.

"It has been my greatest honor, greatest honor of my life as public servant, and the greatest challenge, never could I have imagined as a senator learning the ropes from some of the best senate in the senate history," he added.


Not just maintaining an "untarnished record as a public servant" and his "perfect attendance since 1998," Zubiri said he fulfilled the responsibility of his mandate as the Senate leader.

"Today I look back on these two years with immense pride on what the senate has accomplished under my leadership. In these two years we have legislated with an eye towards progress and a heart for service," said Zubiri.

Zubiri mentioned some of his accomplishments, such as landmark measures, the public and private partnership code, the Maharlika Investment Fund, the Internet Transaction Act, the anti-financial scamming act, and other measures that "bring a dynamic economic landscape to create more jobs for our people."

Zubiri said he will be serving as an independent member of the Senate.


"Today, I offer my resignation as Senate President of the Republic of the Philippines, and upon stepping down, I vow to serve as an independent member of the Senate. My allegiance is as ever belonging only to the Filipino people," Zubiri remarked.

"I lead with my head held high, knowing that I did what is right for the senate, for the nation. I wish they will surely serve the very best and I pray that they will be steadfast in upholding the independence of this beloved institution," the senator remarked.

Meanwhile, the former Senate President vowed to be steadfast in being vigilant and maintaining the traditions and rules in the Senate.

Zubiri served as the Senate President of the Philippines since July 25, 2022.


He is currently on his third term in the Senate, first serving from 2007 to 2011 and again from 2016 to 2022.

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