YouTube terminates Quiboloy's channel over violation of guidelines
YouTube terminates Quiboloy's channel over violation of guidelines
YouTube terminates Quiboloy's channel over violation of guidelines
by Ellicia Del Mundo21 June 2023
Photo courtesy: Apollo Quiboloy Facebook

Social media platform YouTube has terminated the channel of Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) church leader Apollo Quiboloy over a violation of its community guidelines.

“[H]ey, update here: upon review, we've determined that the channel is in violation of Community Guidelines & has been terminated,” YouTube said in response to a Canadian gamer Mutahar Anas who urged them to shut down Quiboloy’s channel due to his physical and sexual abuse allegations.

In his Twitter post, Anas or also known as OrdinaryGamers said the KOJC church leader is “still reaching out to victims less than 12 hours ago.”

“Dude has an FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] warrant out [right now],” he added.


The KOJC church leader has been listed in the FBI’s most wanted for Sex Trafficking by Force, Fraud and Coercion, and Sex Trafficking Children; Sex Trafficking by Force, Fraud, and Coercion; Conspiracy; and Bulk Cash Smuggling.

In December last year, the United States (US) Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions against Quiboloy over “serious human rights abuse”.

In 2021, the US Federal Grand Jury indicted Quiboloy for “orchestrating a sex trafficking operation" that coerced women and minor girls to have sexual intercourse with him inside the KOJC church.

“Quiboloy exploited his role within the KOJC to rape his victims and subject them to other physical abuse, describing these acts as sacrifices required by the Bible and by God for the victims’ salvation. The pastorals, who were mostly minors when initially abused by Quiboloy, were told by him to “offer your body as a living sacrifice,” the US Federal Grand Jury earlier said.

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